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Deep Roots for Successful Growth
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In June of 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Piñon Tutoring's founder and owner, Seth A. Stambaugh, M.Ed., saw a need for a local, independent, individualized tutoring service in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.  The stressful burden placed on students and their parents as they tried to complete schooling at home was evident and non-conducive to true learning experiences, and demonstrated the very apparent need for enhanced learning opportunities in New Mexico overall.  Having tutored privately during his 10 years of experience as a classroom teacher, Seth saw an opportunity to assist families while also nurturing his own passion for education, so he opened Piñon Tutoring.  He found such joy in working one-on-one with students that he decided to grow his business and continue it into the future.


Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement: To create competent, confident, courageous individuals who successfully and uniquely engage in their academics, communities, and the world.


Piñon Tutoring follows the philosophy that a desire to learn is inherent in all people.  Students' educational struggles are frequently rooted in a lack of confidence or competence, and then are compounded by large class sizes, pressure to succeed, strict timelines about what they "should" know and when, and little or no one-on-one attention.  Using traditional and alternative educational techniques, Piñon Tutoring's creative approach emphasizes building confidence, competence, and academic literacy by assisting students in developing all-encompassing, integrated, long-term skills.  Our tutors' approach ensures students develop deep academic roots so they experience successful, overarching growth rather than focusing on simply achieving "A's" on an assignment by assignment basis.  Such growth is what leads to stronger grades overall and long-term academic and, eventually, professional success. 


Additionally, our tutors believe that learning involves more than just academic development.  The development of identity and core values are important aspects of any meaningful education, and we instill these in students by using  research-based, social-emotional, and inquiry models for education that incorporate grounding, centering, and mindfulness techniques, interpersonal skill building, emotional regulation, time management, organization, and the development of integrity and identity.  Doing such, we assist in creating well-rounded individuals who have skills to cope with challenges that are not academic as well as navigate new situations comfortably.  Our students develop into confident members of society who are prepared to engage and share their knowledge with those around them, understand the importance of their contributions, and, ultimately, become agents of change in their own lives and the broader world.

Areas of Tutoring Expertise for Students

All K-12 Subject Areas, including English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish

College Language Arts and Writing

Social, Emotional, and Identity Development

Planning, Scheduling, and Time Management Skills

Areas of Tutoring Expertise for Parents

Are you considering homeschooling?  Piñon Tutoring also offers sessions to parents to support them in:

Curriculum Design

Weekly Lesson Planning

Understanding State Standards

Assessment Techniques

Creating Engaging Lessons

Behavior Management Techniques

Educational Consulting/Professional Development

Piñon Tutoring also offers Educational Consulting and Professional Development to schools in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas!  Our tutors have years of experience and expertise in:

Montessori Education, Materials, and Philosophy

Creation of Learning Materials

Data Utilization for Student Achievement

and more!

To book a student or parent tutoring session, simply select and book from the available options on the Book a Session page.  If you are a first time client, select Initial Assessment Session option to receive your first meeting at a discounted rate!  Pricing is the same for student or parent sessions.  To book and Educational Consulting or Professional Development Session, please contact Piñon Tutoring.

Why Piñon?

You have many options when it comes to selecting a tutor.  Piñon Tutoring is different from other tutoring services because we create individual learning plans for each student that consider the whole child and we are experienced educators.  Many "Big Box" tutoring services employ people with little or no formal educational training or experience.  Additionally, they frequently do not consider the "whole-person" or understand a variety of cultural, social, or emotional needs.  Piñon Tutuoring prides itself on providing quality tutors with actual educational experience, in professional settings, who understand and nurture these needs.  Prices are comparable to other private tutoring services, but with Piñon Tutoring you get an experienced, dedicated, local educator rather than someone who is simply contracting with a large corporation.


Before their first tutoring session,  clients will receive the Piñon Tutoring Initial Questionnaire, which inquires about the individual needs of each student or parent.  Tutors take the responses on this form into consideration during the first tutoring session, during which they peform academic, social-emotional, and learning style assessments to assist in determining how to best support each student.  From this information, tutors create a comprehensive plan to ensure success in all areas.  They assist students in planning and time management to build their organizational skills, and provide ongoing support during each session to help them achieve their educational goals.

For more about our owner or tutors, please refer to the Our People page.


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